Council is to establish a Community Composting Hub at the Koala Park Community Garden in November 2017, adding to the thirteen that presently exist throughout the city.

A Welcome Day is planned for Sunday 19 November 2017 (10am – 12noon) when Council’s Waste Minimisation Education staff will explain how the new facility works, how to convert kitchen scraps into nutrients for the soil, and the correct means of disposing of organic food waste responsibly.

This facility will be for recycling fruit and vegetable scraps only.

Joining a Community Composting Hub is free.

Participants can register online and nominate the Hub they wish to use. The Koala Park Community Garden Hub site is not yet listed for registration – this will not occur until early November 2017.

By registering, residents can choose to receive a free kitchen caddy (7lt with lid) for storing and transporting waste. These caddies can be collected from the Moorooka Ward Office after registration.

The Hub will consist of at least 3 large 220lt composting bins. These will be managed by the Koala Park Community Garden volunteers with dry leaf matter available for layering.

The Welcome Day is a FREE event with light refreshments provided.

It is intended to encourage residents to incorporate composting as part of their daily routine, thereby reducing greenhouse gases and waste to landfill. NO bookings are required to attend the Welcome Day.

If you require any additional information please visit Community Composting Hubs.