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Council has now refused this development application for a number of reasons as follows:

  • Conflicts with the strategic outcomes of The Strategic Framework, Theme 2: Brisbane’s outstanding lifestyle (including four points detailing conflicts with Land use strategies);
  • Is contrary to the strategic outcomes of the Strategic Framework, Theme 3: Brisbane’s clean and green leading environmental performance in that the child care centre does not accord with the pattern of the zone being a residential zone, does not manage health, amenity impacts and interfaces between land uses and activities;
  • Is inconsistent with the strategic outcomes of the Strategic Framework, Theme 5: Brisbane’s City Shape i.e. the development does not support an integrated urban form and self-contained community that reduces the need for vehicle-based trips, provides for a range of uses and protects residential amenity;
  • Is inconsistent with the overall outcomes of the Low medium density residential (2 or 3 story mix) zone i.e. the development is located within a predominantly permanent residential environment; does not support the level of comfort, quiet, privacy and safety expected in this location, in particular the impacts of noise, traffic and parking;
  • Does not comply with the relevant provisions of the Child care centre code i.e. not located and designed to be conveniently accessible to users or maintains traffic safety; not compatible with the residential character and amenity of the zone and is not sited or designed to minimise adverse impacts on the amenity of nearby residential dwellings; does not provide good accessibility and is not co-located or within close proximity of other facilities;
  • Is contrary to the relevant provisions of the Community facilities code.

If you wish to view the full details of the Decision by Delegate of Council, please view the DA A004764412 on Council’s PD online tool here.  

I understand that if the Applicant lodges an appeal with the Planning & Environment Court against the Council’s decision to refuse this application, they must do so within 20 business days of the notice of decision being given. They must also provide a copy of the notice of appeal to each principal submitter, within the service period.

At that time, an eligible submitter is entitled to elect to become a co-respondent for an appeal against this action. This will usually involve taking legal action against the appeal in the Planning & Environment Court.



A004915150 - 12 & 16 Longueval Street, Moorooka - Material Change of Use to Rooming Accommodation.

Council has refused this development application in its present form.

This site is presently zoned LMR2 (Low Medium Density Residential: 2-3 storey mix).

The DA proposed the construction of facilities including 40 rooms and communal areas. It was lodged by LJ Hewitt & Co Pty Ltd on behalf of Echooz Pty Ltd on 4 May 2018.

This development is not supported, as it has not demonstrated compliance with the Low-Medium Density Residential (LMDR) zone code of the City Plan 2014. Council has suggested the application be withdrawn or alternatively changed to a residential land use, bulk, size and design that is appropriate to the Low-Medium Density Residential zone, surrounding land uses, and site-specific constraints.

The site owner, Mr Simon Ramsay provides affordable accommodation at the Clontarf Village Caravan Park and is currently reviewing his options in relation to this proposal. He has until 12 September 2018 to inform Council of his decision and/or to submit changes to performance outcomes and plans that address the issues outlined.

This DA has been the subject of an array of submissions and comments, the majority of which have expressed outcomes detrimental to existing nearby residents and the amenity of the area.

You may also access the full details of the application through PD Online by logging into the Brisbane City Council webpage at: then accepting the Terms and Conditions, clicking on Application Enquiry and entering the Application Number (A004915150), then clicking on Search. The DA Application details will then be available for you to review.

I am pleased to advise that work will commence shortly on the installation of shade sails at E C Backwell Park, Kalang Street, Archerfield.

There will be two shade sails, joined in the centre. One covering the swing set and the other the fort and monkey bars. Due to the height of the fort (4.9m), the shade sails will not fully cover it, although the exposed slide which faces East/North East, will receive good coverage from the shade sail to the north from early morning onwards.

I have included a plan (see below) of the location of the shade sails in relation to play equipment, their measurements and height above ground.

I have already investigated the placement of the shade sails differently to cover the whole of the fort but this is not possible due to the fort’s height and the need to allow a minimum 2.4m gap from its highest point to the shade sail. Council considers 7 metres is the maximum height for external post heights.

I anticipate the shade sails will be installed by mid-August 2018.

EC Backwell Park New sails 060818 pixlr


Active School Travel banner pixlr

Do you want active and healthy students ready to learn, less traffic at the school gate and stronger school communities? Apply for the 2019 Active School Travel program.

Help make your school a safer place and develop street-smart kids by swapping the car for:

• walking
• scootering
• cycling
• public transport
• car pooling

Primary schools that successfully apply to be part of the Active School Travel program will receive a comprehensive range of FREE resources and workshops to enable families to leave the car at home and actively travel to and from school.

Since its launch in 2004, the program has helped to swap up to 35% of single-family car trips to and from participating schools for an active and healthy transport alternative.

Principals are encouraged to apply online now for the 2019 intake. Places are limited and nominations will close on Friday 21 September. Visit Council’s website ( or call Council’s Contact Centre on 3403 8888 for more information.

It’s time to have your say on Council’s newly released Draft Master Plan for the Oxley Creek Transformation.

This Plan is part of Council’s $100 million 20-year project to transform and revitalize Oxley Creek.

I am pleased to advise that works are currently underway to improve accessibility and amenity at the Toohey Forest Picnic Area.

I'm pleased to advise the new playground construction is scheduled to commence Monday 12 March.