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The following letter thanks and acknowledges the comments provided by local residents and businesses to my letter dated 25 August, about the development of a Craft Brewery by the Ballistic Beer Co at 59 McCarthy Rd, Salisbury (A004414217).

Responses were in the majority positive and supportive of the need for such a boutique facility and its complimentary impact on the emerging creative and entertainment hub developing in Salisbury.

I am supportive of this proposal and in working collaboratively with residents and businesses in addressing local needs and amenity.  

I will again be sponsoring the Chrome Street Festival in March 2017.

It is important that due process is followed in relation to Council's assessment of development applications and I have sought to ensure this happens and that interested parties have the opportunity to contribute.

Thanks again for your input.

 Dear Resident

Thank you to those residents who provided comments in relation to my letter of 25 August 2016 regarding the Development Application A004414217 by Ballistic Beer Co for a craft brewery at 59 McCarthy Rd, Salisbury.

Responses provided by residents and business owners were in the majority positive and supportive of the need for such a boutique facility locally. A number reflected on the complimentary impact this facility would have on the growth of the emerging creative and entertainment hub in Salisbury, its convenience, size and location. I support this proposal.

The issues raised in my letter of 25 August 2016 came from Council’s Development Application (DA) process. They outlined additional information sought by Council’s Assessment Manager to progress the DA and follow due process in Council’s assessment procedure. Such requests are standard practice for Development Applications. They related to a number of important issues including air quality, noise, residential amenity, fuel burning/power generation and parking. Council had written to the developer on 8 August 2016 requesting additional information. Their response was received by Council on 26 August 2016, the day after my letter was posted.

Since writing to you, I have maintained contact with Council’s Assessment Manager and met with Mr David Kitchen of the Ballistic Beer Co. From those discussions, I am aware that the only outstanding issue is the provision of an air quality report. Mr Kitchen has assured me that this report is presently being prepared, and will be provided to Council within the next week. This will then be subject to DA assessment.

In representing constituents in my Ward, I write regularly to residents advising of Development Applications and seeking submissions/objections for or against. It is important for due process to be followed to ensure residents are treated fairly by being made aware of and having the opportunity to provide feed-back.

I believe that the contribution that this facility will have on the local community will be positive, and I look forward to working with residents and local businesses in addressing locals needs and in promoting local businesses through activities like sponsoring the Chrome Street Festival in March 2017.

I will keep you informed of further developments.

Yours sincerely

Councillor for Moorooka

14 September 2016