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Is your home ready for the storm season?

Help protect your family by taking four simple steps:

1. Check your local risks

Knowing what can affect your property will help you prepare. Use Council's free online flood tools to know what flooding can affect your property. Also, bushfire risk is real if you live anywhere near bushland or acreage.

2. Prepare your property

Clear gutters and stormwater drains, trim back overhanging branches, check your insurance and have emergency items handy.

3. Prepare your family

We can't control the weather but we can be in control. Plan your response to severe storms and flooding so your family knows what to do when wild weather hits.

4. Register for severe weather alerts

Don't get caught out. Sign up to Council's free Early Warning Alert Service to get alerts and time to prepare.  Register up to three addresses online or download the Weatherzone app to also get alerts for where you are.

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