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I am pleased to advise that Brisbane City Council has bowed to residents’ concerns over the proposed development of 'The Village' at the Australian International Islamic College at Durack.

The proposal was to expand the school from 600 to 2000 students, establish a child care centre, mosque, four high-rise residential complexes, 3000sq m of retail space, a medical centre and an aged care facility.

This required significant rezoning of land already zoned for educational purposes.

While I supported the expansion of the school and the addition of the child care centre and mosque in line with education use, I strongly opposed the four residential high-rises, the retail space, medical centre and aged care facility.

There has been overwhelming support from the community, locally and across Australia, and this has been reflected in the number of submissions and petitions lodged with Council.

In short, Council has approved the expansion of the school including the child care centre and mosque; has refused the high-rise apartments and have allowed for rezoning of part of the site for a shopping/medical centre along the Inala Avenue frontage with traffic access to that facility. This, in effect, will allow public access.

If you wish to view the application online visit PD Online and enter A004061627 into the application enquiry search.

Thank you for your support in raising issues of concern such as traffic and safety, and working with me to achieve this outcome.

By working together we have prevented a very poor planning outcome by the Lord Mayor and his conservative team.