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The proposed upgrade of Tom O'Neil Park (previously known as California Road Park), Oxley, has now commenced.

Works are expected to take three-four weeks; with the playground being available for use before Christmas.

The work will involve removal of the existing swing and the installation of new play equipment including a double swing and basket, double springer and a custom megadeck tower with curved climbing net, with three height slide access.  

Rubber matting will be installed under the swings and slide pads.

Softfall will be used to cover the remaining footprint of the play area.  The existing concrete perimeter of the play space will be retained - pictures below.

A quote for shade sails has been sought in the 2018/19 budget consideration.

Tom ONeil Park pg1 271117

Tom ONeil Park pg2 271117

Tom ONeil Park pg3 271117

Tom ONeil Park pg4 271117