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Preliminary Approval under S242 for Material Change of Use ie Industrial to Residential.

The public notification period for 53 Fairlawn St, Nathan (Application: A004679280) period has now commenced. This application is impact assessable. 

Residents who wish to prepare and lodge a submission (for or against) need to do so during the public notification period from Wednesday 22 November 2017 to Wednesday 24 January 2018.

This can be done online or directly to The Assessment Manager, GPO Box 1434, BRISBANE 4001.

To gain a better understanding on how you may have your say on Development Applications, please visit have your say on development applications for further information.  

This Development Application is complex and involves seeking Preliminary Approval for a Material Change of Use from Industrial to Residential Zoning. The applicant has specified that the proposed land use will include Accommodation Activities – dual occupancy, dwelling house, multiple dwelling, residential care facility, retirement facility and rooming accommodation, although no details of the actual numbers and types of accommodation have been provided.

I will be lodging a submission that supports the rezoning of this land from industrial to residential but I strongly oppose the scale and intensity of the proposed residential development, building heights, community space, impact on parking, traffic volumes and movements, and the restricted access to and from the site, as particular issues of concern.

Should the material change of use be supported, subsequent residential development applications (authorising development to occur) will likely involve a code assessable process (not advertised) to comply with the established land use, the number and types of units, dwelling houses, building height and site cover, car parks etc proposed. Previously, the applicant indicated that between 400-500 units may be involved.

When preparing your submission, please view the DA A004679280 on Council’s PDonline tool here.

This provides you access to all the correspondence between the Applicant and Council including Plans, Correspondence and Reports such as Traffic Engineering, Stormwater Management, Site Contamination, Slope Stability, Economic Impact Assessment, Bushfire Assessment etc.

I strongly advise that you take the time to read and gain an understanding of what is being proposed and consider how, and if, it may impact upon you and your amenity. I have attached a copy of the indicative building height plan for your consideration. This is one of the many documents available on PDonline.

Issues worth your consideration include, although are not exclusive:

• The development’s scale and intensity;
• impact on amenity;
• building heights;
• traffic access, speed, volume and movement;
• impact on local road network (including Toohey Road, Evans Roads , Fairlawn Streets);
• on and off-street parking provision and impact;
• site access and egress;
• emergency vehicle access/alternatives;
• evacuation issues;
• safe vehicle and pedestrian movement;
• slope stability;
• bushfire impact/hazards including vegetation on-site or adjacent;
• water supply for fire-fighting;
• overland flow;
• proposed site locations;
• buffers;
• community open space – area provided, adequacy and what’s included.

 DA A004679280 53 Fairlawn Street Nathan map 041217 pixlr