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Material change of use: Development Permit - Child Care Centre (80 child care places)

The Development Application for 135 Keats Street, Moorooka (A004764412) has now been advertised. This application is impact assessable.

Residents who wish to prepare and lodge a submission (for or against) need to do so during the public notification period from Friday 24 November 2017 to Friday 15 December 2017.

This can be done online or directly to The Assessment Manager, GPO Box 1434, BRISBANE 4001. To gain a better understanding on how you may have your say on Development Applications, please visit have your say on development applications for further information.

This Development Application involves seeking Approval for a Material Change of Use: Development Permit (Child Care). The applicant has proposed the land will be used to develop an 80 Place Child Care Centre.

When preparing your submission, please view the DA A004764412 on Council’s PD online tool here.

This provides access to all the correspondence between the Applicant and Council including plans, correspondence and reports such as traffic, acoustic, landscaping etc. I strongly advise that you take the time to read and gain an understanding of what is being proposed and consider how and if it may impact upon you and your amenity. 

Issues worth your consideration include, but are not exclusive:
• Vehicle access and egress to and from site
• Increase in traffic using local street(s)
• Car parking on and off-site
• Noise – children’s activities
• Noise - plant & equipment
• Noise - traffic
• Pedestrian access and safety
• Building form and design
• Building siting
• Outdoor lighting – safety and adverse impacts on neighbours
• Privacy and loss of amenity
• Visual impact
• Hours of operation
• Designation as a community facility and public access
• Impact on amenity
• Landscaping
• Waste disposal
• Water supply
• Crime prevention approaches