I'm pleased to advise the new playground construction is scheduled to commence Monday 12 March.

After extensive community consultation at the end of 2017, and feedback from local residents; the Urban Play proposal will be installed.

Given the community interest in this initiative, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some points that arose during the consultation process:

  • The new playground will be located on the higher level area near the basketball court at the north-west corner of the park.  This area has a number of large trees around its perimeter.
  • The old playground will be removed except for the large A-frame swing which will be retained in its current location.
  • The area of the old playground will be reinstated with new turf except for around the trees.
  • Council Parks Officers have advised that the new playground will be located in a more shady area, and no shade sails will be provided initially.  This will be reviewed upon installation of the equipment, when the impact of shade can be more appropriately assessed.
  • The existing shade sails at the old playground will not be reused because of their age and condition.

Rosebank Square Park upgrade Mar18 2