I am pleased to advise that work will commence shortly on the installation of shade sails at E C Backwell Park, Kalang Street, Archerfield.

There will be two shade sails, joined in the centre. One covering the swing set and the other the fort and monkey bars. Due to the height of the fort (4.9m), the shade sails will not fully cover it, although the exposed slide which faces East/North East, will receive good coverage from the shade sail to the north from early morning onwards.

I have included a plan (see below) of the location of the shade sails in relation to play equipment, their measurements and height above ground.

I have already investigated the placement of the shade sails differently to cover the whole of the fort but this is not possible due to the fort’s height and the need to allow a minimum 2.4m gap from its highest point to the shade sail. Council considers 7 metres is the maximum height for external post heights.

I anticipate the shade sails will be installed by mid-August 2018.

EC Backwell Park New sails 060818 pixlr