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Advice from Council’s Planning Services South received 5 February 2019:

I can confirm that the application was lodged by the applicant as Code Assessable and therefore not requiring public notification under the Planning Act 2016.

However through our initial review of the application, we have determined the building height to be 4 storeys and therefore based on the current design requires Impact Assessment and public notification. This advice has been passed onto the applicant and I am awaiting return advice in regards to how they wish to proceed.

In regards to the current status, this will depend on how the applicant wishes to proceed.

The options discussed with the applicant last week include the following:

• Provide amended plans by the 5 February 2019 to reduce the building height to 3 storeys to remain as Code assessment;
• Provide amended forms and reporting by 5 February 2019 detailing the current design lodged is Impact assessment; or
• If no response is received by 5 February 2019, an Action Notice will be sent to ensure one of the above is completed and allow the application to progress.

Irrespective of the application being Code or Impact assessable, the community are able to lodge a submission throughout any stage of the application prior to decision. There is no cut off for submissions to be lodged.

This can be done online at https://pdonline.brisbane.qld.gov.au or directly to:

Development Services

Brisbane City Council

GPO Box 1434