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As your local Councillor I'm interested in obtaining your feedback on the proposed playground upgrade at Canfield Street, Nathan, funding for which was provided in this year's budget.

This concept is designed to:

  • meet the needs of children aged 2-12 years
  • packed full of play value and fun, providing imaginative play amongst nooks and crannies at every level
  • includes a combo swing (basket seat) and a 'you and me' parent and child seat for face to face swinging
  • full rubber wear pad provided under the swings, with softfall to all other areas
  • footpath to allow for wheel chair access, with the new playground to be relocated closer to the road and butting up to the pathway
  • bright and colourful play equipment including a play panel including matching pairs of Australian animals, similar to nearby Toohey Forest
  • old playground to be removed with the area rehabilitated with the existing seat to be relocated to the new playground area
  • shade sail to be included in the future funding

Please provide your feedback by close of business Friday 11 October.  This will allow a review of suggestions and the ordering of equipment for installation early in the new year 2020.

Your comments and contributions are most welcome!

Canfield St Playground Upgrade 1.pixlr








Canfield St Playground Upgrade 2.pixlr