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I am working with local groups to have land at the corner of Beaudesert and Evans Roads, and stretching along Beaudesert Road to Fegen Drive, Moorooka (currently road reserve), officially designated as parkland.

For some time now,  Brisbane City Council has made improvements to this area through regular maintenance, planting of trees and the conversion of part of the site from a dusty car park to a grassed and planted area.

Both the State Government and Brisbane City Council have confirmed that the land is not required for existing or future road reserve. Given the Lord Mayor's objective to enhance Brisbane as a 'clean and green city', I am seeking your support to convince him that this area should be changed from road reserve to parkland.  Having this site designated as parkland will enable the following:

  1. Protection of the land
  2. Allocation of a Park name
  3. Allow funding to be spent on park infrastructure, i.e. a history display

I encourage you to support us by signing and sharing among your networks the ePetition:


Moorooka support more parkland.pixlr