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Council is planning to improve pedestrian safety at the intersection of Ipswich Road and Dudley Street, Annerley. This intersection was identified as part of the Move Safe Brisbane Citywide Pedestrian Safety Review which was undertaken for Ipswich Road, Annerley.

The Pedestrian Safety Review Report revealed that vehicles were queuing through the intersection in peak periods, which resulted in vehicles having to drive through the pedestrian crossing phase to clear the intersection. This posed a safety hazard, especially to vulnerable pedestrians (e.g. students and the elderly), as it required pedestrians to weave through queuing vehicles on the pedestrian cross walk.

The report recommended that a Yellow Box treatment be installed at the intersection. Yellow Box treatment is a pavement marking consisting of a marked yellow box around the extents of an intersection, with a single cross connecting the corners.

Installation of the yellow box pavement marking is used to deter drivers from queuing across the pedestrian crossing, leaving a clear and safe walkway for better pedestrian safety.

Pedestrian safety improvements to Ipswich Road and Dudley Street Annerley