Petition to signalise the pedestrian zebra crossing on Orange Grove Road, Salisbury (near Lillian Avenue)
I support making the pedestrian zebra crossing on Orange Grove Road, Salisbury, safer for pedestrians and vehicle users.
Below is advice I have received from Council’s Transport Planning and Strategy Department relating to the zebra crossing. It covers:
  • Location of the zebra crossing,
  • Issues regarding pedestrian movements,
  • Discusses alternative options for the zebra crossing.

It is noted that the Orange Grove Road zebra crossing is one of four remaining in Brisbane that cross a multi-lane road with a 60km/h speed limit.  This zebra crossing would not be permitted under current guidelines.

Advice is that removing the zebra crossing is not the answer and that it requires full signalisation.

I have been putting this location up in my budget submission to the Lord Mayor and spoke about the problem of pedestrian safety in the recent June 2021 Budget debate. To date however the Lord Mayor is yet to allocate funding for this important safety upgrade.

I would encourage you to sign the online petition calling on the Brisbane City Council to fund the design and construct a signalised zebra crossing facility, to address ongoing pedestrian and traffic safety issues at this very dangerous crossing. 

Please visit:   

Please see the following advice from Council's Transport Planning and Strategy Department for your information.

Removal of the zebra crossing and relocation of the bus stop at Orange Grove Road, Salisbury

It is considered that removal of the zebra crossing and/or bus stop, will not fully remove this location as a desire line for pedestrians. This would leave pedestrians crossing a busy multi-lane road without any form of crossing facility, which may be a worse outcome for their safety.

Furthermore, the bus stops in their current location service a large number of residents to the west and east of Orange Grove Road, residents who would be greatly inconvenienced by no longer having a local bus stop, and who would be required to travel hundreds of metres further to access any public transport.

I also note guidance provided by the Department of Transport and Main Roads where it relates to considering removal of existing non-compliant crossing facilities:

Existing crossing facilities that do not conform with all technical requirements should not be removed without careful consideration. The desire line will still exist, and removal of the crossing may result in people crossing at even more substandard locations.

On this basis, Council does not propose removal of the existing zebra crossing until such time as a suitable alternative is able to be constructed.

Installation of mid-block pedestrian signals and/or signalising extra legs at the Henson Road or Kessels Road intersection

These treatments were options considered as part of Council’s Move Safe Brisbane - Pedestrian Safety Review in 2019. With a mid-block signalised crossing, there are constraints such as the crest on Orange Grove Road which make locating a safe crossing point particularly challenging. Similarly, the addition of crossings to additional legs at the adjacent signalised intersections has other impacts with respect to traffic flow, and do not as directly serve the pedestrian desire line near Lillian Avenue, factors which need to be considered when assessing potential options for crossings in the area.

A future project has been identified to develop and assess design options such as these, however there is significant demand for these types of major infrastructure upgrades right across Brisbane, and it is not possible for Council to readily complete all such proposals.

As such, this location will continue to be considered for inclusion in future Council budgets against other citywide priorities, and once funded Council will be in a position to further develop design options to improve pedestrian safety on Orange Grove Road.

Converting the zebra to a wombat crossing

Any upgrade to the existing crossing, such as installation of a raised platform with a zebra (a wombat), would require Council to assess the layout against current design standards. As this location is a multi-lane road with a 60km/h speed limit, a design that complies with current design standards could not be achieved while retaining a zebra crossing. As such a wombat crossing could not be provided in this location while complying with current design standards.

Reduction of the speed limit on Orange Grove Road

Orange Grove Road is classified as an arterial road. Under guidance provided by the State Government, arterial roads in urban areas are typically signed with a 60km/h speed limit. Traffic data obtained by Council also suggests that driver compliance with the 60km/h limit is generally good. Based upon these factors, a reduction of the speed limit on Orange Grove Road would not be able to be achieved.

Addition of a refuge island

The existing roadway is somewhat constrained with four traffic lanes (two in each direction) set within a 12.5m wide (approx.) carriageway. In order to install a refuge, the removal of one or more traffic lanes would be required, which would have significant effects on congestion on Orange Grove Road and reduce its ability to function in line with its arterial classification.

Furthermore, installation of a refuge would necessitate removal of the zebra crossing in order to achieve compliance with current design standards. Given these significant impacts, Council does not propose to install a refuge on Orange Grove Road.

Installing a Stop sign on Lillian Avenue

Stop signs are only permitted for installation on roads where sight distance is severely restricted coming out of the side street. In the case of Lillian Avenue, sight distance is generally quite good to approaching vehicles and as such the warrants for a Stop sign are not met, meaning Council is unable to install a Stop sign at this intersection.

Other measures considered

It should be noted that Council has undertaken/is undertaking other measures to improve safety at this crossing, including:
- Installing higher profile signage at the crossing itself
- Installing LED Slow Down signs warning motorists of the crossing on both approaches to it
- Remarking of the zebra bars at the crossing itself (to be completed shortly).

As stated this location has been identified for future funding to review and design an alternative signalised pedestrian crossing facility, which would then enable the removal of the zebra crossing. A major project such as this is considered the best way to fully resolve the concerns for pedestrian safety and need for pedestrian mobility in this section of Orange Grove Road.