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The following response has been received today from Cr Tracy Davis (Civic Cabinet Chair for Environment, Parks and Sustainability) on behalf of the Lord Mayor:

▶️ Following the 16 November meeting, Council agreed to arrange a coordinated approach with the State Government on the section of Stable Swamp Creek between the footbridge in Kookaburra Park (near Tramore and Leeds Streets) and Marshall Road (the western section). A letter from Council to the State Government to commence these discussions has been sent. For your information, the northern bank of the creek in this section is largely in Council's ownership and the southern bank of the creek in the western section is entirely owned by the State Government.
▶️ As mentioned at the meeting, Council officers are working on a plan to continue the vegetation and clearing works which were previously undertaken on the Council controlled sections of the creek from the Kookaburra Park footbridge to Beaudesert Road (the eastern section).
▶️ Once this planning and design work is complete, Council will be in a position to undertake work on the western section, subject to approval and a joint funding agreement with the State Government. Given the community concerns around this, I can confirm this will be a high priority project for consideration in the next Council budget, subject to reaching agreement with the State Government.
500 x 375 Stable Swamp Creek bad side