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UPDATE:  Brisbane City Council have provided a response following on from resident concern's surrounding the maintenance of the concrete lined open drain through George Tuckett Park, Rocklea and Boundary Road, Archerfield.

  • Council is aware of issues associated with sections of the concrete lined open drain downstream of Granard Road to Kookaburra Park, Rocklea and they have already listed for inclusion in future Capital Works and Drainage Programs.
  • There are patches of vegetation within the drain between Granard Rd and Marshall Rd. These however are not affecting flow or hydraulic capacity currently and are actually helping to minimise scouring behind some of the damaged panels. 
  • An earlier inspection of the lower section just before Kookaburra Park did have evidence of silt build up and this has already been cleared as part of Council’s Waterways Maintenance program. 
  • Planning is also in process for clearing of vegetation within the concrete lined drain in the section from Granard Rd to Boundary Rd  and should be undertaken this financial year.
  • Council’s Capital Works Program is for major projects that are greater than what can be delivered via the maintenance program and may require in-depth investigation, engineering designs and greater permitting requirements due to legislation etc. These types of projects are funded based upon competing priorities across the city and timeframes . As such, we cannot advise when Capital works for this section maybe funded and likely timeframes.  In the interim, this location will continue to be monitored.